Insurance Examinations

APPS Paramedical Affiliate

Iles Medical Testing, works with various insurance companies and thier clients to provide accurate and timely medical information needed to issue requested policy.

We understand agents concerns for accurate and fast Parameds , in this business time really is money.

Agents : Orders can be placed online or sent to a (secure) fax line @ 337-476-1640 to place online order

Agents please visit to prep applicants for paramed, to ensure comfort and ease for process.

Paramediacal Exam
Mobile / In office appointment available
Blood/Urine collections
EKG Collections
MD Exams
Tele App Services Available
TVC Testing

Applicants please visit to help prepare you for your insurance exam, this will assist you with obtaining the best possible rate.

Weekend appointments available as well as after hours. Call 337-240-6347 to place order by phone

Quick, Accurate, and Right the First Time......
Examiners are licensed and experienced

Same Day Appointments Available