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Prenatal Paternity- Testing done by blood before the child is born (Results within 9 Business Days) Mother must be 14 weeks pregnant or greater. A follow up post delivery confirmation test can be completed upon request.

Paternity - is performed to find out if a man may be the natural (biological father) of a particular child. ( If alleged father is not available there are other options available to establish paternity )

Siblingship - determine the statistical probability of whether siblings brothers and sisters share the same two parents or not.

Grandpaternity - to determine the biological relationship between the grandfather or grandmother and an allaged grandchild. Infidelity Testing- to prove or disprove cheating of a spouse or significant other.

Maternity-determines if a tested female is the biological mother of a child. ( adoptive case option )

Y- Chromosome - determine if males share a common male relative.

Avancular - tests for possible relationship with aunt/uncle against child.

Whether your case is simple or COMPLEX our office can assist you.

Our contracted laboratory is AABB accredited, New York State Dept. of Health,FQS-I/ISO IEC 17025, CAP/CLIA Certified

Collectors are Certified DNA Technician.

Results are Fast ,Accurate&Affordable! ( No hidden fees our pricing is straight forward and easy )

Our knowledge staff is available by phone or email 24-7 with experience to assist any questoins you may have.

Reasons To Do A DNA Test

* Child Support & Custody Issues
* Ensuring Correct Paternal Consent for Adoption
* Peace of Mind
* Genealogy/ Ancestry Answer
* Child Safeguarding
* Twin Testing ( Identical vs Fraternal )
* Indfidelity Issues
* Forensic Profiling
* Establishing Medical History
* Reuniting relatives due to adoption
* Grandparents peace of mind

      Options                                                                     Unusual Samples Accepted for Non-Legal Test

  • Paternity                                                                        * Mouth Swab (Q-Tip)
  • Twin Zyology                                                                 * Semen (Fresh or Frozen)
  • Infidelity                                                                         * Ear Swab
  • Maternity                                                                       * Toothbrush
  • Y Chromosome                                                             * FIngernail Clippings
  • Siblingship                                                                     * Condom
  • Ancestry                                                                       Additional sample options available upon request
  • Forensic                                                                         
  • Immigration
  • Prenatal Gender Testing

 1 in 10 people have questions concerning DNA testing for paternity. Testing a child early will save a child from anxiety and confusion in the future.


Genetic DNA 

Genetics can predispose you to health problems like heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. You can choose to be informed, ahead of a dreaded diagnosis. Knowing gives you th power to PREVENT by changing your diet or increasing the frequency of certain health screenings.

Genetic Risk Assessment -  Using your DNA to determine if you are predisposed to the following 25 Diseases & Conditions.  

Aneurysim Age related mascular Degeneration
Atrial fibrillation Alzheimer Disease
Coronary Heart Disease Bladder Cancer
Lung Cancer Breast Cancer
Peripheral Vascular Disease Celiac disease
Migraine Colorectal Cancer
Obesity Gastric Cancer
Osteoarthritis Lupus
Prostate Cancer Multiple Sclerosis
Skin Cancer Psoriasis
Diabetes Rheumatoid Arthritis 
Venous Thromboembolism

            Our affordable and comprehensive report will include:

*Your lifetime risk (High, Medium,Low) of 25 diseases and conditions.               

* Your risk compared to similar individuals

*Your genetic risk vs. your enviromental risk     




Our contracted laboratory is accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB),National Forensic Science Technology Center (NSSTC), ISO 17025, TxDPS, and certified by the New York State Department of Health.

 We offer mobiles services to answer questions FAST additional fees may apply.